High School Checklists

Included in our comprehensive advising package.

Included in our DIY downloadable document package.


“Why didn’t anyone tell me about ….?”  If you have ever said or even thought about this phrase, then these lists are especially for you. 

Drawing on over 20 years of experience teaching and counseling students and using the most current information available,  I have created these checklists to ensure that your child has every opportunity to create an outstanding portfolio to promote themselves. 

Your packet will include your student’s current and next year checklist.  If you don’t have time to read everything in your packet, this is the ONE form, that you should NOT skip!

Each list begins the summer before the school year begins.  Most of your student’s classes will be chosen the year before.  (That means 8th grade for freshman) 

I cannot stress enough the importance of using your school counselor as a resource.  Although they are busy people, they are your best ally when creating your child’s four-year plan for high school.  Look over the checklist so that you have specific questions to ask him/her. 

Unweighted GPA, leadership and community service are the three most important factors when being considered for college acceptance and scholarship money.  Therefore, you will see these items mentioned repeatedly in your list. 


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