6 weeks @ three times per week $1200.00 ______ (Client Initials)
8 weeks @ three times per week $1500.00 ______(Client Initials)


I work in 2 hr. sessions 2 to 3 times a week, depending on how well the student works independently. The total length of the prep session will depend on how much time we have before the next test and how well the student progresses. Since the SAT has been revised, they are providing a wonderful, free resource through Khan Academy. My strategy is to use Khan Academy for some of my Math practice.  After working with many students, I have found that Khan Academy, although a wonderful FREE resource, cannot provide the in-depth explanations that a lot of students need to score well on the Math section.  So, I use other resources along with Khan academy to help the student achieve their best math score.  I have put together comprehensive study guides for all three subject areas.  The information I have compiled has come from hours of reading and studying the best resources including, College Board, Kaplan, Princeton Review, SAT for Dummies and Barons. I also have researched and found online member resources that I can allow my students to use.  Combined with the full practice tests that I give my students, my SAT test prep has helped students to increase scores!

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