Private Access Scholarships

Private access to extensive, live scholarship links.

Although there are many free scholarship websites out there to help you with your search, I have found that I end up spending most of my time weeding out the ads, sweepstakes, contests and irrelevant content just to end up finding 5 or 10 true opportunities for scholarships.  Further, I have spent hours filling out all the information to register for these websites hoping that they would send me scholarship information specific to my child, only to realize that I’m still receiving hundreds of links with less than 1/10th of them being relevant or worth my child’s time and effort to complete.  Let’s cut through all the dead links and other stuff and find some money!  My list is compiled from all the best leads from more than 20 sources and includes hundreds of scholarships grouped in the categories: 

AZ Scholarships

Ethnicity based scholarships

Female scholarships

Merit Based (not based on need)

General links

I have spent well over 50 hours gathering this information in one place and I will continue to update these lists to keep them current and relevant to our students.

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